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Our Mission Statement

Do we need another clothing brand when the market is already saturated with thousands of them, when tons of clothing are produced and dumped every day, and when the big sales signs in stores keep reminding us that clothing is just a basic commodity? 

These questions do induce an existential crisis for a nascent brand builder, but they also beg for an answer to how we can do things differently and better. Why do we want to start a clothing brand, anyway? 

We now live in a world that is evolving so quickly that we are seeing our lives transformed by technology and industrialization at an astonishing speed. It has never been easier to have our desires satisfied, and again replaced with yet another one. With so much abundance created for us, consuming seems to become a modern citizen’s duty that keeps the economy machine turning. 

However, as landfill sites are filled up, the ocean plagued with trash and our soils deprived of nutrients, we are also falling out of happiness.   

This is when the idea of Orejas comes into shape, an anti-consumerism consumer brand based on a simple philosophy: making quality, easy-to-wear and low-environmental-impact wardrobe essentials for everyday people of all walks of life. By focusing on timeless, practical styles and quality materials with better environmental performance, we want people to feel comfortable, confident and empowered in what they wear, so that they can stop consuming and start living. 

Is starting a clothing brand the answer to all the paramount issues facing the future of humanity? Maybe not. But this is our attempt at finding an answer, and we are inviting you to come along on this journey with us. 

We are glad that you are here!


Founder of Orejas